When you visit Silent Wings Museum you are in for a BIG treat! Here is a map and I’ll briefly explain the layout and give a quick overview of the flow. The map should enlarge if you click on it for greater detail.

Map of Plaza Area of Silent Wings Museum

You will enter into the PX (Post Exchange) store. This is where you will pay your admission fee and hopefully be given directions on where to start.

The first thing you will come to is the guest book, but the real interest in this area is the floor! YES!  The floor! Underneath your feet, if you stand in the right light, you can see the original inlay for for the Lubbock Municipal Airport. I don’t know why this is never pointed out or that there is no posting about it. I think it is neat, and wished it had never been covered up. However, the fact that it is there and you can still see it is fabulous!  Also in this area is a big huge column covered with clouded wall paper. The interesting thing about the column is what is hidden inside! Maybe you can find out what it is somewhere on this website!

To the right is information about the original Silent Wings Museum, located in Terrell, Texas. Please don’t skip this area… is the Museum’s origin and a huge tribute to the men who flew these missions, returned and realized the need to preserve their own history!

To the left is a hall with a couple of really interesting doors that lead to….well, who knows! Well, I know, but that is for another post! Further down on the right is a wonderful Gun Case – to the left is the theater where you should actually begin your tour. Take 15 minutes and view the short introductory film. Once you have a good understanding of what you are going to be seeing and what the Glider Program was all about, exit the theater and you can take your pick of destinations.

To the left is the Hangar Gallery, straight ahead is the Combat Gallery, and to the right is the Timeline Gallery. There is no right or wrong choice. Once you’ve taken in all the sights and sounds from these galleries, don’t forget to stop by the exit area and see the bicycle and read all about how it got back to the states! This area used to house letters and mementos, but when I was last there, that had all been replaced with maps and other information. Not nearly as interesting, but good information nonetheless.

On your way out, enjoy the Patriot Plaza and view all the little gems in that area. Of course, you’ll have to find out about them here on this website – as there is no posted information about them….and I’m pretty sure no one working there now has the insight that you can get here!

I hope you enjoy your visit – it’s a wonderful Museum.  Feel free to add below any tidbits of information that you might have to share with others!

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