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This section will house what I hope to be an on-going virtual tour of the Museum, mostly presented in pictures and tid-bits that might add some background and history.

Having been born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, I actually do remember the old Lubbock Municipal Airport when it was in full operation.  There is a brief and I do mean BRIEF history over at the City of Lubbock website.  It states that it originally opened as Lubbock Municipal Airfield and gives no specifics on the progression of name changes or even that there were name changes.  However, I’m relatively sure it was re-opened under the name of Lubbock Municipal Airport after WWII.

I would go out there with my mother and father at least once a year when my half-sister would fly in for her summer visit.  I remember, as a small child, eating in the upstairs round restaurant.  The second floor restaurant can be seen in the image below – click to see a larger image.  It seemed absolutely huge; however, as the picture suggests, it was really fairly small.  I also vividly remember the sliding doors going out to the tarmac and being able to go right outside and up to the tarmac to wait on my sister to descend the flight of stairs that had been wheeled up to the plane.  What a magical time in my memory! It never once crossed my mind that I would one day work at this building.

Lubbock Regional Airport

Many changes resulted from the building being remodeled into Silent Wings Museum.  You can see a lot of the changes documented here:  SWM CONSTRUCTION.  However, behind the scenes, so much of the original building is still in tact….at least it was when I was last there and allowed access to the stairway, restaurant, kitchen, and control tower.  That will all be covered here:  THEN AND NOW.

I hope to update this virtual tour regularly and continue to flesh out this website.  The virtual tour will be presented in segmented chunks, much like how you would visit the museum in person.  First up – ENTRANCE – DOUGLAS C-47

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