Making Waves!

Fishing around the Internet today, I happened to run across the ‘new official’ Silent Wings Museum website! Of course, I have no idea if my website had anything to do with the ‘new’ and ‘improved’ version over at the City, but whatever the reason, at least it has been revamped and has updated and valuable information contained therein.

Silent Wings Museum composite This is a noticeable and needed improvement. Good Job! Bravo! My site will never top theirs on Google Search since they are, after all, the ‘official’ site – however, let’s hope that this site will continue to inspire and motivate them to keep their site as well as social media moving along to keep the interest in this fabulous part of our local history.

I’m happy to help the cause!

Keep visiting, as I’m no where near finished posting images and stories. Unfortunately, I have more projects that I’m working on that take me away from this site at times, but I’m committed to this site and to posting new and fresh WWII content.

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