Making Waves!

Fishing around the Internet today, I happened to run across the ‘new official’ Silent Wings Museum website! Of course, I have no idea if my website had anything to do with the ‘new’ and ‘improved’ version over at the City, but whatever the reason, at least it has been revamped and has updated and valuable information contained therein. [Read more…]

Recent Museum Visit

The Toys go to War exhibit took me to the Museum recently. The exhibit was OUTSTANDING! Well put together and presented in a very professional manner. [Read more…]

Volunteers Rebuild Glider

The Assault Glider Project, based at RAF Shawbury, has missed out on a place in the final of the National Lottery Good Causes Awards. [Read more…]

WWII GP Gets Overdue Star

Little known are the 6,000 World War II glider pilots who were towed into combat zones, in a one-way flight to┬ádrop off soldiers and supplies. Bob Swenson, 90, of Bellevue, finally is getting an overdue Bronze Star medal for his heroism. [Read more…]