What this site is NOT

This site is NOT the official Silent Wings Museum website.

What this site IS – SILENT WINGS WWII

This site is basically a fan website of the Glider Pilots from WWII, hence google plus, twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, etc. will be titled Silent Wings WWII.

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About Me

My name is Rehj Hoeffner and I was the first Administrative Assistant at the Silent Wings Museum when it first opened.  If I remember right, the Museum had been open for only a few months prior to my hire.  Mark Earle was still Airport Director at the time and the Silent Wings Museum was basically his brain child.  I’m sure there could be many a discussion about Mark Earle; however, I’m here to tell you, without Mark Earle the Silent Wings Museum would not exist today in Lubbock, Texas, nor would the old Lubbock Regional Airport building look the way it does today.

When I went to work at Silent Wings, it was still in it’s infancy, with little organization or financial backing.  I cannot speak to those areas today, but with only 3 full-time and 1 part-time employee, resources and time was limited to accomplish the breadth of work necessary in order to successfully and competently operate such a large museum.  We all did double duty within the scope of our job descriptions.  As a result, I took on the task of website maintenance and publication production in addition to my regular administrative duties.  I was surprised that all the domains for the museum had not been secured by the City of Lubbock, so I secured them myself and have maintained them all these years.  After recently having a peek at the official Silent Wings Museum website that is currently available as of this writing, I was sorely disappointed in the effort and the limited information contained therein.

Therefore, having a ton of knowledge as well as content available, I decided to put those domains to use and create a website that would serve as a tribute and honor to these men of history as they so aptly deserve.

The interesting facts and information presented on this site comes solely from my memory and as such, is subjective as well as fallible.  Everything here is represented to the best of my memory; however, should you find something that needs correcting, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to make any and all corrections as a result of our discussion of the matter.  Additionally, please feel free to ask any and all questions – I’m no authority by any means, but I might possibly be able to point you in the right direction.

Ask questions on the Contact Page, or email: info (at) silentwingsmuseum (dot) org